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Easter Performing Arts Club

          Monday 3rd April - Friday 7th April 

                        10am - 4pm (Wrap around available) 

      For all primary school aged children

at B&A Parish Hall, Sommerville Road, BS7  


Join us for 2- 5 days of creative fun during the Easter Holidays

There will be a whole range of creative activities across drama, dance, singing, crafts  and so much more. 

The price also include a lunch buffet and snacks

                         Book all 5 days -£140 - Only £28 per day!

                                £125 sibling - Only £25 per day!

You can now book 1 day - £39 per child

                             2 days: £70  / £65 2nd + child      

                              3 days: £100 / £90

                              4 days: £120  / £110

We are unfortunately unable to accept childcare vouchers

unable to accept childcare vouchers​


                    Wrap around


                   AM: - £4.50

                   9am -10am

                Breakfast included: Toast / cereal / fruit

                 PM: - £4.50

                 4pm - 5pm

Snack included:  Fruit, crackers/breadsticks, cheese, raisins 



 Sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks, crisps, sweet snack, popcorn, yogurt

(vegetarian option available) 


Fruit, crackers/breadsticks, cheese, raisins 

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