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Let's get CREATIVE!

Thursday 4th July
9am - 3.30pm

Shout Out! Creative Studio, 
Unit 20D, Merton Rd, Bishopston, BS7 8TL
(in the small industrial estate on Ashley Down Rd, the turning before Royal Oak pub)

Join us for a full day of creative fun that is sure to get your children's imaginations flowing! 

They will take part in a wide range of creative activities where they will also be making new friends, having fun, boosting confidence and so much more! 


1st child:        £35

2nd+ child:      £30 


Lunch buffet & snack additional £3.50 per child 

AM & PM Wrap around available 

AM 8.30am-9am - £2.50 

PM: until 6pm - join our Thursday club create after school club  Food provided -£11.50 


 Sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks, crisps, sweet snack, popcorn, yogurt

(vegetarian options are available) ​


Fruit, crackers/breadsticks, cheese, raisins 

Breakfast club is available from 8.30am - additional £2.50 per child.

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