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Creative Activities

To try at home



This game sounds very simple but it can be very tricky! 

Number of people: 3+ 

Game objective: To reach 10 

How to play: 

As a group, you need to get to number 10 saying one number at a time each without speaking at the same time or repeating a number. 

Don’t count in order, anyone can say any number - but you can’t say 2 numbers in a row.

If more than one person speaks at once or a number is repeated, you start back at 1. 

Level up: 

Try and reach 20, or even 30! 


Change something

Number of people: 2+

Game objective: To subtly change something about your appearance without the inspector guessing correctly.

How to play: 

Choose someone as the inspector, they must take a good look at the other players playing close attention to their physical appearance. Then they leave the room/turn around for a minute or so.  

Each player changes something e.g. Unties their laces, zip/unzips jumper, takes socks off, puts hair up etc. 

The inspector returns and has to guess what has been changed.


One word/line story

Number of people: 2+

Game objective: To create an improvised story using everyone’s ideas

How to play: 

Decide on a genre for your story, then take it in turns to say either one word or one sentence each until you are bored of the story. 

You can start again as many times as you like- try to see how many different stories you can create. 


Alphabet Freeze

Number of players: 2+

Game objective: successfully improvise different objects within the time limit. Be the last one standing. 

How to play: 

Choose one person to be the host, or take it in turns to come up with a letter. 

Everyone then has a limited amount of seconds to create a freeze frame in the shape of an object beginning with that letter e.g. Letter C- Use body to create a freeze frame of a chair 

Each person starts with 3 points. 

How to lose a point:

-2 or more people choose the same object, 

-You don’t think of an object in time 

-You don’t have an eligible answer


(you can alter this depending on the age/ability of the people playing)

Round 1: 10 seconds to create object 

Round 2: 9 seconds to create object 

Round 3: 8 seconds to create object

Continue until the final round.

In each round, you lose a second

The winner is the person with the most points remaining. 

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